Couples Therapy

Couples who have made a commitment to each other often do so because they appreciate what they each bring to each others lives. But being part of a couple often requires continued work and sometimes the stress and strains of life can mean you lose focus on each other.


 Stress and conflict are often the first signs of a strain in the relationship and it is not unusual that talking is the first thing to go.  A happy and fulfilled relationship with a partner is a complex matter. Even if it is not dealing with any significant problems, routine and boredom can lead to new problems. Sometimes it is just necessary to rediscover each other. 


I work with couples by thinking about what brought them together and thinking with them about how they are managing the life struggles they face. Life experiences like job stress, bereavements and even parenthood can limit opportunities for couples to think about themselves as a unit and having a space where you can think about each other and find new ways of communicating can be immensely helpful. 

Our therapies for couples focus on the following areas:

  • Breakdown in communication
  • High levels of conflict
  • Aggression or violence
  • Loss
  • Increasing distance and dissatisfaction
  • Trauma
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